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My interest in music began way back in the mid 70's. You know, all the golden disco fever years ... Bunch of crap, since we were into punk and independent as well as the reggae music from Jamaica. Many rare recordings from Britain in my boxes. It all began one sunny day when I'd been in love with one sista and heard Bob Marley singing 'Kaya'. Good record that. 1977 I also liked punk rock which later became new wave and independent as we know it.

At the time I listened a lot to British Forces Radio (BFBS), best music station in Germany during the 70s and 80s. My favorite DJ ever is John Peel - ask for copies of cassette tapes - 1977..1989 many historic moments when like in 1979 he plays The Cure for the first time. In the 1980's John Peel became the god of independent music, being played on his shows meant instant success. He still is around active as ever on the BBC, both domestic and world service and can be heard on the Internet.

DJ Special DeeJay! Look at this list of rare and odd 12 inch VINYL records for sale - most only played two or three times, some sleeves a little worn on the edges, most in mint shape - please ask for money transfer and shipping charges, also check out my ebay feedback - name is boyfrombeach - buy four or more records get free shipping - I can take personal checks drawn on US banks, also paypal and price is in mighty US Dollar or freshly printed Euro money. Getting cash into my hands and records shipped to your place from Germany may take a couple of weeks.

Take this link for the REGGAE records
artisttitlerecord labelyear$/Euroremarks
AssociatesSulkBeggars Banquet/WEA19829.00mint- LP
AssociatesPerhapsWEA19849.00mint- LP cutout
Beautiful Pea Green BoatGet ReligionThird Mind Records198816.00mint- LP something different from Belgium
Bill NelsonQuit Dreaming and Get on the BeamMercury19819.00used LP
BuzzcocksSingles Going SteadyEMI197918.00mint- LP classic punk pop
Cabaret VoltaireThe CrackdownVirgin/Ariola198314.00mint LP
Carson HighBoots for DancingPop:Aural19807.00mint- 3 track 12" maxi
Cocteau TwinsThe Moon and The Melodies4AD/Rough Trade Germany198618.00mint- LP
Cocteau TwinsVictorialand4AD198618.00mint- LP
Cocteau TwinsEchoes in a Shallow Bay4AD198618.00mint- 12" EP 4 tracks
Cocteau TwinsTiny Dynamite4AD198518.00mint 12" EP 4 tracks
Cocteau TwinsAikea-Guinea / Kookaburra4AD198518.00mint- 12" EP 4 tracks
Cocteau TwinsTreasure4AD198438.00mint LP classic
Cocteau TwinsPearly-Dewdrops Drops4AD198418.00mint- 12"
Cocteau TwinsSunburst and Snowblind4AD198318.00mint- 12"
Cocteau TwinsHead Over Heels4AD198348.00mint- LP
Cocteau TwinsPeppermint Pig / Hazel4AD198318.00mint- 12"
Cocteau TwinsLullabies4AD198218.00mint- 12"
Cocteau TwinsGarlands4AD198228.00excellent LP classic
CurePornographyFiction/Metronome198218.00excellent LP
Dance Craze samplerThe Best of British SkaChrysalis19819.00mint LP
DevoAre We Not Men?Virgin19799.00excellent LP portugese pressing
Durutti ColumnThe Return ofFactory197916.00used LP
EaterLive EPThe Label records197814.00mint- 12" 4-track EP
Emerson Lake & PalmerWorksPalm Beach/Ariola19779.00excellent double LP
Foyer des ArtsDie Unfaehigkeit Zu FruehstueckenFünfundvierzig/EMI198639.00mint- LP feat. pop-poet Max Goldt
Heaven 17Penthouse and PavementVirgin/Ariola198112.00mint- LP classic Sheffield sound
Heaven 17The Luxury GapVirgin/Ariola198212.00mint- LP
Killing JokeKilling JokeMalicious Damage198024.00very good LP classic
Lee Perry Upsetterssee Reggae record sale19xxxx.00mint - excellent - good - used
MandrakeDancing the Night Away/Funk TapperRCA19798.00excellent 12" maxi dance fever years double A side
MembersOffshore Banking BusinessVirgin19799.00mint- 12" maxi
MembersAt the Chelsea NightclubVirgin/Ariola197912.00mint- LP punk meets reggae
Adrian MunseyC'est SheepVirgin19799.00mint- 12" maxi
New Rose samplerfeat. the Saints,Troggs,Warum Joe etcNew Rose19829.00mint- LP obscure frenchies
PassagePindropObject Music198018.00excellent LP experimental
Pete ShelleyHeaven & the SeaInstant Records198616.00excellent LP
PenetrationDanger SignsVirgin197912.00mint- 12" maxi Punk
Peter FramptonI'm In YouBandana/Ariola19778.00excellent LP
PhosphorFrisch und FruchtigNo Fun19808.00used LP neue deutsche Welle
Der PlanNormalette SurpriseAta Tak/Art Attack198119.00excellent LP
Der PlanGeri ReigArt Attack198039.00mint- first LP of Der Plan
Ajaa PardesiyaaNirmal's Shava ShavaMultitone19888.00mint LP indian folk
PremiAt the Front LineMultitone19888.00mint LP indian Banghra
Public Image Ltdfirst issueVirgin197812.00mint- classic Johnny Rotten solo LP
Public Image LimitedMemories / AnotherVirgin19798.00mint- 12" maxi
Queen LatifahAll Hail The QueenBCM198916.00mint NYC rapper queen LP
Ajaa PardesiyaaNirmal's Shava ShavaMultitone19889.00mint LP indian folk
PremiAt the Front LineMultitone19889.00mint LP indian Banghra
Reema ReemaWheel in the Roses4AD198018.00mint- 12" EP experimental
Realworld samplerPassion SourcesVirgin19899.00mint- LP feat. World Music
Robin TrowerIn City DreamsChrysalis19779.00mint- LP cutout
Marta SebestyenMuzsikasHungaroton19869.00mint- LP hungarian folk
Marta SebestyenSingsHungaroton198718.00mint- LP classic hugarian folk singer
Sex PistolsNever MindVirgin/Ariola19779.00mint- LP the classic punk record
Sham 69Hersham BoysPolydor19789.00mint- 12" maxi live at the Roundhouse
Siouxsie and the BansheesHyenaPolydor Germany198412.00mint- LP
Siouxsie and the BansheesjujuPolydor Germany198114.00mint- LP
Siouxsie and the BansheesKaleidoscopePolydor Germany198014.00mint- LP
Siouxsie and the BansheesJoin HandsPolydor UK197916.00mint- LP
Siouxsie and the BansheesThe ScreamPolydor UK197819.00mint- LP classic punk lady
SnakefingerManual of ErrorsRalph Records198218.00mint- LP of west coast guitar hero
SpecialsMoreTwo Tone/Chrysalis/Ariola19809.00excellent follow-up LP 80's ska craze
Gary Clail's TackheadTackhead Tape Timefünfundvierzig198718.00mint LP fluorescent yellow vinyl German pressing
Takkyu IshinoMIX-UPFile Records/Sony199616.00mint- 12" maxi dance mix
Teenage Jesus and the JerksLess of Me / The ClosetZE records197714.00mint- 12" maxi mix by Lydia Lunch
The BeatI Just Can't Stop ItArista/Ariola198016.00mint- LP early 80's ska revival
Tubeway Army Gary NumanReplicasBeggar's banquet/Intercord197912.00mint- LP cutout
Vaultage 78Brighton samplerAttrix records197818.00mint- LP classic tracks like 'Elvis is dead'
WireOne 54EMI197928.00mint- LP experimental
XTCDrums and WiresVirgin/Ariola197912.00mint- LP
YesGoing For the OneAtlantic19779.00excellent LP

Mint: The record itself is in new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. The cover and any extra items such as the lyric sheet, booklet or poster are in perfect condition.
Excellent: The record shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessening in sound quality. The cover and packaging might have slight wear and or creasing.
Good : The record has obviously been played many times, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality, despite noticeable surface marks and the occasional light scratch. Normal wear and tear on the cover or extra items, without any major defects, is acceptable.
Used : The record has been played so much that the sound quality has noticeably deteriorated, perhaps with some distortion and scratches. The cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits, discoloration, etc.

Now find the collection of many rare 7 inch records for sale, most of them have been played very little. In case some of you find prices very high, thats for I want to keep those records, you know. In any case you'll get discount on quantity, and for certain orders I'll also offer free shipping inside Europe.

Package deals!
Seven (7) Siouxsie & Banshees early 7 inch for $US/Euro 98 (all except Mittageisen)
Three (3) classic Ska revival 7 inch from 1979 for $US/Euro 48

artisttitlerecord labelyear$US/Euroremarks
Special AKAToo much Too young EPChrysalis198012.00excellent Single
Special AKA / SelecterGangsters / The Selecter2 Tone197928.00the original Ska revival Single
MadnessMadness - The PrinceTwo Tone197919.00very good Ska Single
The BeatRanking Full Stop - Tears of a ClownTwo Tone197919.00excellent Ska revival Single
Siouxsie and The BansheesDear PrudencePolydor198328.00used french Single
Siouxsie and The BansheesFireworksPolydor198212.00excellent Single
Siouxsie and The BansheesArabian KnightsPolydor198119.00excellent Single
Siouxsie and The BansheesSpellboundPolydor198112.00excellent Single
Siouxsie and The BansheesIsraelPolydor198119.00excellent Single
Siouxsie and The BansheesHappy HousePolydor198019.00excellent Single
Siouxsie and The BansheesStaircasePolydor197912.00excellent Single
Siouxsie and The BansheesMittageisenPolydor1979148.00excellent rare German (!) Single
Siouxsie and The BansheesHong Kong GardenPolydor197819.00excellent first Single
Wire4 track 154 EPCarlin Music197919.00excellent EP Single
Tube Way Army (Gary Numan)Down in the ParkBeggars Banquet197912.00excellent Single
StranglersWalk on byUnited Artists19788.00excellent 33 UPM Single
SpizzEnergiWhere is Captain KirkRough Trade UK197968.00excellent Single
RutsIn A RutPeople Unite197928.00excellent classic Single
ResistanceKidnappedMaquis Records197912.00excellent Single
Der PlanDa vorne steht ne AmpelWarning Rekords198028.00excellent first Plan Single
Der PlanEPArt Attack197998.00excellent first ever Plan record
Plain CharactersMan in the RailingsFinal Solutions19796.00excellent Single
Monochrome SetEine Symphonie des GrauensRough Trade UK197919.00excellent Single
The MembersKilling TimeVirgin19796.00excellent Single
The MembersOffshore Banking BusinessVirgin19798.00excellent Single
The MekonsGuardian 4 track EPVirgin198029.00excellent double Single folding silver sleeve
Kleenex4 track EPSunrise - Rough Trade197938.00Legendary EP by swiss women punk group
Joy DivisionTransmissionFactory197938.00excellent classic Single
Flying LizardsMoneyVirgin19796.00excellent Top 40 Single
Family FodderMy Baby Takes ValiumParole Records197914.00excellent Single
Fad GadgetBack to NatureMute 002197939.00excellent first Single
Cabaret VoltaireSilent CommandRough Trade UK197914.00excellent Single
BuzzcocksEverybody s Happy NowadaysUnited Artists19798.00excellent Single
BuzzcocksPromises - LipstickUnited Artists19789.00excellent Single
BuzzcocksSpiral Scratch EPNew Hormones197828.00excellent reissued classic EP
JJ BurnelFreddie LakerUnited Artists19796.00strange Strangler Single
AbwärtsComputerstaat EPZickZack Platten197937.00excellent klassische deutsche Punk Single
T RexJeepsterAriola19756.00used Single /b Life's A Gas