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updated 01/2010

BK spoke with Burning Bush!

See how my predictions turned true very soon!!!

2009 reality check: Who would have known? We have working 3D stereoscopic vision system in the home thanks to NVIDIA and Samsung! Same 120 Hz technology as is used in the cinemas. Most impressive movie in 3D was UP! despite the massive marketing for Avatar.

2009 prediction: Fresh from the IAA I not really see all electric cars around us. In the better world for me its rather all bicycles! Unbeatable efficiency, healthy, and more humanized environment are the key advantages.

2008 reality check: A Mac made it onto my desk, the mini miracle keeps me wondering about the future of classic PCs. And I have a blog to put more thoughts to the world.

2008 prediction: International tourism has to reinvent itself. Sustainable vacation scenarios do not support overseas travel nor weekend city shopping by airplane. Looks like airlines have to step back a few steps.

2007 reality check: Everything wireless is not here yet. UMTS (fast Internet over the phone) works in the city only, wireless USB would help a lot with cables on our desks. First wireless products replacing cables in factories and inside cars.

2007 prediction: 2012 may see whole car software architecture and automated driving is closer than ever before. However, since I not see anything happen at the infrastructure level, we may pass 2020 without auto-drive capable cars.

2006 reality check: 35mm film cameras are almost gone, at least new models appear only as curiosity items. While there still is some superiority recording on film, the hassle and cost drives everyone to digital. Storage cost for digital photos is at 10 Euro per GByte for cards, and 100 Euro for 300 GByte on hard disk. Next video tape will become a thing of the past.

2006 prediction: Knowledge like we know it will become ubiquitous and free, just have a look at Wikipedia. Learning in school already is outdated and not adapted to the requirements of the future.

2005 reality check:We have cars that can park themselves, keep the distance to the car in front, avoid veering off the road, communicate with the rest of the world.

2005 prediction: Simple electronic devices (which may talk wireless) can be powered from the air - noise, heat, vibration, light, radio waves. This will enable an infrastructure of devices that manage the daily hassle, leading to automated individual transportation, but not in the next five years.

2004 reality check: My phone has more processing power and memory capacity than my PC 10 years ago, including its harddisk. It can take pictures, keep my appointments, record voice memos, play MP3, surf the web, edit documents, and fits in a shirt pocket! PDAs are dead.

2004 prediction: Open source software rulez! The need to have license-worry-free software becomes more important than the sophistication of Microsoft products if ever there was one - remember what Bill said about the Internet in 1995?!.

2003 reality check: DVD recording is popular now, the first consumer harddisk recorders appear, cut your own movie without the computer!

2003 prediction: Everything digital now takes over photography. 4..5 Megapixel easily replaces 35mm film, not to speak of APS and all the other obsolete film formats.

2002 reality check:United Europe one step further, the EURO gives us one degree more freedom for trade and communication inside Europe. Prices will level and distribution systems will work independent of former national borders. Only speech barriers will take time to dissolve.

2002 prediction: The level of embedded intelligence will rise faster than our ideas of what to do with it. Right now Microsoft does a good job limiting the power of available potential computer intelligence. The Internet unites more knowledge than all libraries in the world. Next this knowledge will be accessible via handheld - wearable - implanted devices.

2001 reality check: Advanced Photo System is dead, digital photography is killing 35mm and Polaroid will not survive 2002. MP3 rules the audio and DVD replaces VHS tapes. Next are hard disk recorders, already my complete audio recording collection - some 1000 hours - fits on a single hard drive.

2001 prediction: The size and price reduction of electronic memory will drive media carriers like newspapers music CDs video cassettes floppy disk whatever out of business. No need to buy data carriers any more, when pure information becomes more available to all of us.

2000 prediction: Part of my family struggles with real world borders - consulates - visas - customs - the beurk! Ten years from now all this nonsense will be a thing of the past.

Everything will go wireless! Complete communicator devices arrive fast: phone + camera + web-browser + speech recognition + [your idea here].

2000 reality check: Personal Digital Stereo Vision System works miracles! So does high speed DSL Internet and home networking (but my toaster is not connected ... yet).

35mm cameras do fine, but APS is already inferior to consumer digital cameras. APS will go as have gone 110, 126 and many other formats unknown to younger generations.

MP3 recorders are reality and your whole record/CD-collection fits in your shirtpocket.

1999 prediction: New trends in data-transmission based connectivity change our lifes. Try to call me by phone? Better send an e-mail!

1998 prediction: The death of zip drives, and other augmented floppy disk formats. Recording CD-ROM yourself delivers media which is compatible with almost every computer system (and stereo and ...).

1998 reality check: Philips now sells audio CD-recorders. DCC cassettes, anyone? MiniDisc is doing fine, but MP3 looms on the horizon.

1997 project: BK media systems designs the Personal Digital Stereo Vision System. Prototype planned for 1999!

1997 prediction: By the year 2000 we will have 1 billion people on the Internet, and 1 billion homepages! Well, for me it looks rather like 1 billion coffee machines, microwave ovens and washing machines on the internet, each with it's own homepage interface. The chips exist, the addresses will be available and data transmission comes over power cables.

1997 reality check: I've counted over 50 Surfing-related sites in Europe alone!

Sharp added a small camera to their PDA. Nokia announces wireless PDA-GSM phone ... almost there!

Sony and Sharp show prototypes of digital cameras with MiniDisc, but no production as long as Sony sells Floppy-disk cameras.

1996 prediction: From the early BK media elekktrik photo page about the first consumer digital cameras: I proposed MiniDisc as reusable storage media instead of tiny FLASH cards or already useless floppy disk.
Another wishlist item is a wireless interface on cameras.

1995 reality check: BK media is one of a handful european websites featuring real surfing action.

1995 prediction: APS film-based cameras are doomed from the beginning. Quality is beyond and price is above 35mm systems. The cameras are still clunky and will be outdated by digital cameras soon.

1994 prediction: Sony MiniDisc and Philips DCC recorders offer digital sound recording at reasonable prices. I bought MiniDisc.

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